Authentic Removable Indian Motorcycle Box Wrench Touch Light

 One of a kind design

Touch of History- Touch of Light-

Touch the Indian wrench and it lights up-dimmable.

Also can be removed off it's stand to admire.

Indian Motorcycles is an iconic name in motoring history. Known for their reliability, speed and agility, it was one of the first motorcycle companies and biggest leaders in the innovation of motorcycle design and engineering in the country. A fundamental contributor to the emergence of motorcycle culture in the U.S., they were produced from 1901 to 1953, in Springfield, MA. 

The company traces its origins back to 1897, when a bicycle manufacturing company called The Hendee Manufacturing Co.was founded, and 1901, when the first factory was opened for the production of gas-powered bicycles. For the next 42 years, the company experienced unparalleled growth and innovation in motorcycle production, while also excelling in the racing arena, winning many awards and setting numerous records. During the 1910s, Indian Motorcycle became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. In 1923, the company changed its name to “The Indian Motocycle Co.” - adding the “r” to “Motocycle” in later years - after one of the original brand name bicycles they produced. Beyond the racetrack and factory, Indian Motorcycles proved an essential resource to the nation and world during both WWI and WWII, when it shifted nearly all of its efforts to the production of over 85,000 total bikes for allied troops.