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The Story of The Steel Beam

After 6 years on Main Street The Steel Beam closed its doors in the historic Meyers Building, but our story isn't over. In the coming months our online presence will be invaluable in bringing you the stunning handmade and industrial antique products we're known for.

It all started way back in 2013 when we first found this location. It was just a napkin concept. We had only a twinkle of a vision of what the shop could become. When we were first able to tour the space, we got on the ladder and looked through the drop ceiling. The mass of tangled electrical cables and damaged tin ceiling were intimidating, to say the least. However, the fact that there was once a beautiful, high tin ceiling made us realize the potential of what we could do there to make it a unique, special place and restore it to its former historic glory. We took a huge leap of faith by investing all in the renovations, seeing the bones of this space completely transformed to create a full sensory experience.
To survive as a brick and mortar on Main Street, it was vital for us to create an exceptional atmosphere that exhibited the wrought iron reverence we felt towards Bethlehem’s deep historic roots while also igniting visitors’ dreams of the future.
The steel beam will continue tearing down walls and shattering glass ceilings to achieve its vision.

The new owners of the building have big plans for the historic space. Unfortunately, they don’t include us. While we are a puddle of sadness, we will forge ahead with no regrets; we won’t be leaving Bethlehem. The steel beam is Bethlehem. We will be temporarily moving into a new space until we find a suitable location.

We are honored by those who have chosen to surround themselves with pieces from our shop - those who have a love of handmade craftsmanship and history. The shop wouldn’t be where it is today without the amazing crew (past and present!), supportive family and friends, our talented artisans, and all of you. What an incredible journey it’s been so far. We thank you for coming along for the ride and hope you will continue to follow. We are filled with gratitude for your conscious support of handmade, artists, inventive creators/designers, beloved steelworkers, small business brick & mortar shops. Thank you so much for the friendships made, love and continued support. Thank you, Thank you!