Bethlehem Steel Foundry My Love Burns For You Card

My Love Burns For You Card

Bethlehem Steel FoundryLehigh Division, 1982

The card front view is from the control cab of a 100 ton capacity crane. This pour was done on Friday evenings only. Recycled chunk steel was electrically melted in this brick-lined vessel. The pour crew, which is out of view, controlled the many tons of metal running into the ends of several upright steel roll molds in a sand-filled pit.The building and related equipment in this photo were torn down for the Sands, now Wind Creek Casino entranceway.

Sentiment Inside:
My love burns for you
Like molten metal poured from a blast furnace
… the sparks that fly from molten iron 
… an oxy-acetylene cutting torch
… a burning jet of coke gas
… a supernova 
you get the picture. 
I love you