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1903 Rare Bethlehem Steel Company Fire Dept. Badge/Medal

1903 Rare Bethlehem Steel Company Fireman's Association Badge/Medal

Large steel mills often had their own on-site fire department due to so many ignition sources, extreme dangers working with hot metal burning at 2,900 degrees.

The Sanborn Map Company's fire insurance map of Bethlehem Steel dated: 1912."With literally hundreds of furnaces of various types in use, Bethlehem Steel was deeply concerned about fire protection. An extensive note on the fire insurance map provides insights into the types of alarm systems and fire fighting equipment available. It is notable that the company had a private fire company consisting of 150 men. This note provides further insight into the industry with its statement that the Bethlehem Steel Corporation employed approximately 12,000 workers.” The Library of Congress

  • Manufacturer: Bethlehem Steel Company 
  • Date: October 1903
  • Geography: Allentown
  • Culture: American
  • Medium: Copper/brass medal/Badge with Celluloid Inserts
  • Dimensions:
  • Classification: Work & Industry: Steel
  • Commonality: Rare

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