Handmade Organic Linen Eye Pillow Hand Dyed Indigo Leaves

Organic Linen, Flax Seed, Lavender and Tumbled Crystal

Organic Indigo Dyed Linen  

Handmade in USA:Each item is unique & embraces the beauty of imperfection. Variations in texture, grain, shading are inherent in handmade. No two are alike. Hand Dyed Indigo simulate the serene calm of the sky & ocean.

Therapeutic Benefits: A Weighted Eye Pillow is an essential part of every self-care kit. It reduces stress and anxiety, relieves tension headaches, improves circulation and promotes deep, restful sleep. The weight of the crystals in the pillow soothes the eyes, while gently stimulating the acupressure points in the face & forehead, helping to release muscle tension, calm the nerves, and soothe the overthinking mind. The total darkness that comes from blocking out the light, is healing to the eyes & balancing to the bio-chemistry of our bodies. Counteracting the activity & stimuli of the day, deeper relaxation is encouraged. Hot Therapy: Microwave to soothe and relax tension in your neck, shoulders, muscles, eyes. Cold Therapy: Freeze to use as a cold compress.

 Choose: DIY Kit or Finished Eye Pillow

 Made to order: Custom filled eye pillow insert blends, crystals and weight can be requested, we will try to accommodate for both Finished Eye Pillow or Customized DIY Eye Pillow Kit.