Vintage PBNE/Indian Classic Issue Watch Fob with Leather Band Enamel Face Watch FOB

Before World War I, when wristwatches became available, personal watches were carried in pockets. They were attached to short straps that could be leather, ribbon, or metal chain. The strap made it easier to remove the watch from the pocket and easier to handle the watch securely. To use, you connect the loop end of the strap through the bow on your pocket watch, and when the watch is in your pocket, the decorative fob hangs out for display and easy access to the watch. These can also be used as key chains, or forms of advertising back in the day, give aways to employees or clients or decorative items to be hung from your belt. 

A. & B. Rare Vintage Philadelphia Bethlehem New England Classic Issue Watch Fob with Leather Band Enamel Face/Keychain (1953-2003)

PBNE was Bethlehem Steel's common carrier switching tracks inside the Bethlehem plant connecting to two outside railroads, the Lehigh Valley Railroad to the north and Reading Railroad to the south and west. Rail access transported raw materials and distributed steel.

PBNE RR In operations for close to a century (1910-2003)

C. Vintage Indian Motorcycle Leather Strap Pocket Watch Fob

This may have been "A Classic Issue" (after the original dated between 1901-1953) nevertheless, it is still a piece of vintage history.