Brockway Motor Truck Company Huskie Hood Ornament

Original Brockway Motor Truck Co. Brass Huskie Hood Ornament (1958-1977)  

This early Brockway hood ornament features a Huskie dog wearing a pulling harness. The earlier models of the hood ornament don't have the BROCKWAY logo on the harness strap. The 1962, 14K gold-plated huskie hood ornament had replaced the silver huskie hood ornamet to celebrate Brockway's fiftieth year in business. The surface bears some pitting: a badge of loyalty shown trudging through many long journeys. The original gold tone shows wearing with some traces of paint persisting. There are no cracks or chips.

 Brockway Motor Truck Co.: 1912-1977

Brockway Trucks have their beginnings in the founding of the Brockway Carriage Works in Homer, NY, in 1875. It grew to become one of the largest carriage makers in the country. With the death of the original founder, William N. Brockway in 1889, his son, George, took over the business and gradually transformed it into the renowned truck manufacturer it came to be. George began producing carriages with chassis provided by the Chase Motor Co. of Syracuse in 1909. This lead to the leasing of a production facility in nearby Cortland, NY, and the resulting incorporation of Brockway Motor Truck Co. in 1912.

Brockway Trucks quickly came to be known as the “most rugged truck in the world”, serving municipalities and operators in their area. Throughout its independent operation, it produced solely hand-built trucks, opting not to transition to the factory-style assembly line production model.

During both WWI and WWII, Brockway’s resources and production were focused largely on supporting the military effort, which helped to streamline their operations. Due to various financial and management challenges, the company struggled in the 30’s and 50’s, going through and entertaining many mergers and negotiations. Finally in 1956, Mack Trucks, Inc. acquired Brockway, uniting the two oldest truck manufacturers in the country. It was at this time that the need for a comparable company symbol and hood ornament to distinguish between the two trucks became apparent, leading to the birth of the Brockway Huskie icon.

  • Manufacturer: Brockway Motor Truck Co.: 1912-1977
  • Date: Gold Huskie Ornament 1962-1977 (after Mack Truck Acquisition 1958)
  • Geography: Cortland, NY
  • Culture: American
  • Medium:Brass Huskie
  • Dimensions:
  • Classification:Work & Industry: Trucking
  • Commonality:Rare

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