Rare Bethlehem Steel Fire Extinquisher Lamp

Rare Bethlehem Steel Fire Extinguisher Lamp

Further study of the patent #’s identified on brass plate indicate- It is a pump action mechanical patent by Phister Manufacturing Company. Invention claims: Chamber for air and for liquid with air valve meant to control/douse fires with water. Early pressurized vessel. These patents establishes this piece is from the early 1930’s. (Reissue of the 1857 horizontal Invention). This fire extinguisher comes from the old Bethlehem Steel plant. Canister brass plate has indentation and traces of the original red paint persists even after sandblasting, artist wanted to expose the beauty of the Copper/Brass cylindrical vessel (most modern pressure canisters are aluminum alloys, certainly much less volatile and lighter to carry!)

Beth. Steel Co. stamped on Brass head. Brass base. BETHLEHEM stamped on Brass Plate Label. Cleaned, Sandblasted, polished, all new wiring for safety using (UL listed parts) with twist cloth cord.

  • Manufacturer:Phister Manufacturing Company Bethlehem Pump Tank Fire Extinguisher 
  • Date:Early 1930’s
  • Geography:Bethlehem Plant
  • Culture:American
  • Medium:Copper/brass Early Fire Extinquisher
  • Dimensions:18 1/2L X 5 1/2D, 20lbs
  • Classification:Work & Industry: Steel
  • Commonality:Rare

Considering weight:Available for in shop pick-up.

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