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1880's Men wearing leather shields

Leather aprons are commonly worn by blacksmiths, welders, metal fabricators, carpenters, cobblers, barbers, chefs and bartenders. 

We are uncertain of the gang's profession, the men proudly roll up their sleeves and wear leather aprons, (a layer of protection made of durable cow hide) covering the front of the body, shielding them from stains, high heat and other dangerous objects. 

Amasa W. Shackford was a renowned photographer of the 19th century based in Farmington, New Hampshire (1834-1913). He opened his studio from 1884-1900's.

Kindly share with us if you know more about this striking & curious photo.

(Included courtesy: Archival framed for protection)

  • Artist: Credit: Amasa W. Shackford
  • Date:1880's-1900's
  • Provenance: Farmington, New Hampshire 
  • Medium: Sepia Cabinet Card Photograph
  • Dimensions: 5” x 8”
  • Classification: Work & Industry: Occupatrional- Men wearing leather apron.
  • Condition: Excellent condition
  • CommonalityRare