1900's Amorini Orefici (Cupid) Love of Metallurgy, Jewelry making, Goldsmith

Early 1900's Metallurgici Lithograph

Great gift for the jewelry designer/shop to be hung above the bench, scarce are historic images of goldsmith/jewelers. (Original 1900's lithograph, not modern reprint.)

From Naples, Italy- Early 1900’s The Lithograph Image of wall paintings from the House of the Vettii (Domus Vettiorum) at Pompeii are vibrant. The lithographer envisioned what the original frescoes would have looked like before the devastating lava flow buried Pompeii 79AD. Most likely this was the home of wealthy merchants, the paintings depicts little cherubs as metalsmiths, jewelry makers. 

Top right reads "Dernieres Excavations" which suggests a date of publication of the early 1900s, as this house was excavated between 1894 and 1896. The Metallurgici publications line reads G. Discanno dip. De Luca & Bardelloni - Napoli. 

  • Title: Amorini Orefici (Cupid of Metallurgy, Jewelry, Goldsmith) 
  • Artist:Pompeii frescoe painter unknown, Lithographer: Bardelloni
  • Issued: Early 1900’s
  • Medium:Print: Publication: G. Discanno dip. De Luca & Bardelloni - Napoli.
  • Dimensions:Sheet size: 4 x 14 inches to 5 x 17 1/2 inches on sheets 8 1/2 x 20 inches. (The original wood frame 19 7/8"W x 8 3/8”H)
  • Classification:Work & Industry: Metalsmith
  • Commonality:Rare (Toning to paper as shown)