1930's Golden Gate Bridge Rivet

This Old Rivet is from the original construction of the Golden Gate Bridge from the 30’s, later replaced with bolts, retrofitted in the 70’s. The ironworker who removed the rivet in the 70's sandblasted it clean, brass plated it to preserve a piece of history. The Golden Gate Bridge holder/stand which doubles as a card holder/letter holder is 100% Brass. Cool one of a kind desk accessory.

The Golden Gate Bridge was constructed between 1933-1937, built by Bethlehem Steel. It spans 4,200 feet, nearly one mile, between the northern and southern peninsulas of the San Francisco Bay, connecting San Francisco to Marin County. It is both the longest and the tallest suspension bridge, most iconic, most photographed, most touristed than any other bridge in the world, an engineering marvel.

  • Manufacturer: Bethlehem Steel Built Bridge Rivet
  • Date: 1930’s
  • Geography: San Francisco
  • Culture: American
  • Medium: Golden Gate Bridge Card/Letter Holder: 100% Brass / Steel Rivet: sandblasted & brass plated
  • Dimensions:  Card/Letter Holder:4.5 LX1.75 / Steel Rivet: 1 3/4 L X 1 1/2
  • Classification: Work & Industry: Suspension Bridge-Golden Gate Bridge: Steel
  • Commonality: Rare

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