Moisturizing Lotion Bar

All the hand sanitizers and washing can leave your skin, chapped and cracked, hydrating your hands immediately after washing is convenient with this twist up/roll-on stick allowing you to drop it in your purse/pocket & go. Excellent alternative to liquid moisturizers that can be full of additives & messy to carry around. 

This roll-on lotion bar is nourishing and moisturizing for all skin types, especially those with dry skin. Made with a therapeutic blend of natural butters and essential oils to heal & revitalize the skin. It seals in the skin’s moisture to protect against environmental weathering - perfect for hard-working hands exposed to the elements. 

Activated by the natural heat of the skin, rub the lotion bar onto face or body. Massage until well absorbed. This non-greasy blend melts gradually, glides on easily & absorbs quickly, leaving your skin silky soft. Moisture-rich, a little goes a long way. All Purpose Lotion Bar, not only great for dry skin, but also chapped lips, cracked hands, fly away flat hair where ever hydration & healing are needed.