Old Company’s Lehigh Anthracite Sign

Anthracite Coal 

The anthracite region of PA stretches over 480 square miles and is responsible for 95% of the Western Hemisphere’s anthracite coal production. First discovered in 1791 in Summit Hill, PA, these rich and rare deposits were formed over 300 million years ago with a violent shifting of the earth’s tectonic plates. The intensified pressure accelerated the formation of coal, resulting in the oldest and purest carbonated fossil fuel in the world. Composed almost entirely of fixed carbon, anthracite is more concentrated and energy dense than soft coal, burning cleaner and longer and producing a higher heat. Despite initial challenges, anthracite eventually became the preferred source of fuel, heat and light during the American Industrial Revolution, helping to power the nation to unparalleled levels of success and prominence for over 180 years.

Old Company’s Lehigh

The “Old Company’s Lehigh” label refers to the historical Lehigh Coal Mining Co. arm of the Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co. (LC&N): the first anthracite mining company in American history. Formed in 1822, the pioneering efforts and innovations of the LC&N kickstarted both the Transportation and Industrial Revolutions, fueled the rise of anthracite coal, and included the building of the Lehigh Canal. Early 1920's, 30's- brass sign to give a ring, (back when phone numbers were three digits) for more anthracite coal.

  • Title: Old Company’s Lehigh Anthracite Sign
  • Maker's Mark: Credit: Made by Etching Company of America, Chicago Illinois (lower right edge)
  • Date:1920's-1930's
  • Provenance: East Stroudsburgh
  • Medium: Brass plate etching sign
  • Dimensions:3” x 5”
  • Classification: Rare Advertising Sign: Old Company’s Lehigh Anthracite 
  • Condition: (New Old Stock) Excellent condition


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