Early 1900's Standard Steel Press Photo

Early 1900's Standard Steel Pittsburgh PA Press Photo   General view of rolling mill. Wheel has just been placed in mill. Photo furnished by the Standard Steel Works Company.

Standard Steel was founded in 1795 as Freedom Forge to make iron bars and rods. Andrew Carnegie invests in Freedom Iron In 1861, his first venture into making steel using the Bessimer process. Their name was changed to Standard Steel in 1875. In 1895 the company introduced the first bolted and steel-tired railroad wheel. The company specializes in wheels and axles for the railway industry. Their products are used on freight railcars, locomotives, and passenger railcars. Customers include Class I railroads, freight car manufacturers, and railroad maintenance providers, as well as Amtrak. In 2011, Standard Steel was acquired by Sumitomo Metal Industries. Standard Steel is one of the longest continuously operating forging operations in United States. standardsteel.com

  • Title:Standard Steel Press Photo
  • Date: Early 1900's 
  • Geography: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Culture: American
  • Medium:Photo Black & White (Linen Lined Back)
  • Dimensions:7X9
  • Classification:Work & Industry: Steel- Rail-
  • Commonality: Rare