The Lehigh Valley Railroad (LVRR) Locomotive Oil Can

The Lehigh Valley Railroad (LVRR)  Locomotive Oil Can

Sturdy handmade, hand soldered locomotive can- has dents, small holes, fantastic aged patina with wide opening (no lid) Marked LVRR. Perfect as a historic center piece with flowers. Included (.33" thick) glass vase that fits perfectly into the can for fresh or dried flowers. 

The Lehigh Valley Railroad (LVRR) was founded in 1847, under the designation Delaware, Lehigh, Schuykill, and Susquehanna (DLS&S) for the sole purpose of transporting anthracite coal from the mines of eastern PA to Philadelphia. It wasn’t until it was acquired by Asa Packer in 1853 and renamed the Lehigh Valley Railroad that it began to expand both its services and its network. Over the next half-century, its reach grew to extend throughout the Lehigh Valley, much of northern Pennsylvania and well into NJ and NY, eventually becoming one of the largest railroads in the Northeast. At its height of profitability and network size there were more than 1,350 route miles of track and its main line ran 448 miles from Jersey City to Buffalo, NY. Following Asa Packer’s death in 1879, the LVRR struggled to find its groove, changing hands a few times before finally being acquired by the successful banking mogul, J.P. Morgan; an owner that could continue its legacy of growth and success well into the 20th century. 

Like many of the railroads of the 19th century, the decline of the LVRR was seeded by the Depression, furthered by the ending of WWII, and solidified by the introduction of heavy government regulations on the industry in 1950’s and 60’s. It was eventually purchased by the PRR, which, following its own bankruptcy in 1970, was consolidated into the U.S. government’s Consolidated Rail System (Contrail) in 1976.  

Its legacy continues on in the form of the 142 miles of continuous walking paths that have replaced its tracks, and more prestigiously, in the form of Lehigh University, Packer’s greatest philanthropic endeavor. Due to the great success of the LVRR, Packer became a multimillionaire and donated 115 acres and $500,000 to the construction of Lehigh University, originally founded as an institution for higher learning in the field of engineering. 

  • Title: The Lehigh Valley Railroad (LVRR) Oil Can
  • Manufacturer: Lehigh Valley Railroad
  • Date: C.1920-1950  (tin became the standard by about 1920)
  • Geography: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
  • Culture: American
  • Medium: Hand soldered heavy tin vessel
  • Dimensions: 7 1/2 height x 19 1/2 dia.
  • Classification: Locomotive


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