The Pennsylvania Railroad Company Padlock 1908

 1908 Pennsylvania Railroad by E. T. Fraim Brass Pad lock

The lock is heart shape with PRRCO intertwined on the back. The raised letters are sharply defined by oxidized brass patina. On the other side, E.T. FRAIM LANCASTER, PA keystone logo is stamped and dated 1908 on the top of the shackle. The body of this padlock is fully intact with no cracks or dings. The internal spring is strong. The dust cover does not resist being pushed to the side and and does not snap sharply back over the key hole as it should when released.  No key. 

The Pennsylvania Railroad Company (1846 - 1976), also known as PRR or “Pennsy”, grew to be the largest railroad company, transportation enterprise and corporation in the world by the late 1800’s. At its height, its rail network far surpassed that of its competition, reaching over 11,640 miles in total length.  

The proliferation and success of the railroad network and industrial revolution it supported, in PA and the U.S., would not have been possible were it not for the discovery and subsequent industry of anthracite coal.  Beyond resulting in the construction of the first railroad in PA, it contributed to greater efficiency and was the preferred energy and heat source for factories and dwellings alike, due to its uniquely energy-dense, clean and long burning qualities. 

Together these two industries were the core of the PA Industrial Revolution, helping to change the face of American industry and very fabric of the country.
  • Manufacturer: E.T. FRAIM For PRR
  • Date: 1908
  • Geography: LANCASTER, PA
  • Culture: American
  • Medium:Brass Padlock
  • Dimensions:
  • Classification:Work & Industry: Locomotives
  • Commonality:Rare

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