Welder, Bethlehem Steel Shipyards, Staten Island, N.Y. (World War II)

Grace Kunath was 18 years old when she was issued the card as a Trainee at Bethlehem Steel Co., Inc., Staten Island, N. Y. 

 Dated June 2, 1943 and stamped signature of the Captain of Port, Rear Admiral Stanley Parker, United States Coast Guard.

Grace’s obituary states that she “started her career as a welder in the shipyards on Staten Island during World War II …” 

Important piece of unsung American history of the women who worked in the factories and shipyards during WWII represented by the iconic Rosie the Riveter.

After the war, the female workers were promptly fired in favor of their male counterparts.

  • Manufacturer: Issued by the Captain of Port, United States Coast Guard.
  • Date: 1943- WW2
  • Geography:Staten Island Shipyard, Bethlehem Steel Co.
  • Culture: American
  • Medium: Laminated ID Card
  • Dimensions: 3 ¾ x 2 ½ inches
  • Condition: Some age discoloring and warping otherwise in very good condition.
  • Classification: Work & Industry: Bethlehem Steel, Shipbuilding, 
  • Commonality: Rare

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