All Natural Food Grade Wood Butter

Directions for use:
Apply liberally with a soft cloth in a circular motion working with the direction of the grain. Allow conditioner to saturate overnight for deeper absorption. Buff away excess with clean lint-free cloth to a beautiful luster. 

Our small-batch, hand poured blend of food grade mineral oil, vitamin E, lavender & peppermint essential oil soaks into the grain of the wood. It keeps the wood hydrated and prevents bacterial growth, while the beeswax remains on the surface, creating a protective barrier which prevents any water from being absorbed by the wood. 

Wood Butter is an all-natural alternative to synthetic waxes and chemical solvent pastes. We love the all natural, all purpose uses our products offer: Our wood butter can be used on wood, metal, leather (and also works great on dry hands). It acts as an additional protective barrier against water and moisture on finished or unfinished furniture and fills scratches, reviving dried wooden antiques very well. Since it is made from all-natural ingredients and is food grade, it is safe to use on baby wood teethers, toys and cribs.